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First, the R & D engineers

 1 is responsible for new product development, design and development

 (2) continuous improvement of product performance

 3 optimize product formulations and production processes, improve product competitiveness.

 4 to solve technical problems in the production process

 5 has a strong sense of obedience and team spirit.

  Requirements: polymer materials, applied chemistry, chemical engineering and related professional undergraduate, master's, doctoral

 Second, the Regional Sales Manager

 1, the area responsible for product development, customer development, regional development and implementation of operational planning;

 2, according to the company's overall operating strategy, to extract the appropriate mode of operation of the regional market;

 3, to establish a good relationship with customers, customer information and timely feedback to meet customer needs, enhance customer satisfaction;

 4, the development of sales targets, marketing plan, review the customer's various programs and supervise the implementation;

 5, in the development and implementation of various marketing programs;

 6, the completion of monthly, quarterly and annual regional sales forecasts, regular reporting work;

 7, to establish a complete network of regional distributors, sales integration of resources to achieve the overall goal.


 1, college education, marketing, business administration preferred

 2, familiar and new materials, chemical industry, the organic silicon industry in the same position for more than four years work experience;

 3, have a good knowledge of business management and marketing real experience is preferred;

 4, have good interpersonal communication, analytical and negotiation skills.

 Number: 1


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