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Name CAIJI Automatic coating line

Cai Ji screen printing equipment firms is a professional production of silk screen printing of special equipment, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shunde and the Pearl River Delta region and Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing and other regions have extensive influence, the company many years of experience in production and processing, supporting products and facilities, perfect after sale service system, by the the unanimous praise of customers.


The company acting or distribution of products:

1、 油墨类:东洋(日本)、精工(日本)、马莱宝(彩丽宝)、阿波罗(英国)、高氏(英国)、欧森(新加坡)、镜面油、SSI、EPK、防水尼龙油墨及国内各种优质油墨。

1, ink: Japan (Japan ), Seiko ( Japan ), Malaibao ( Cai Li Po ), Appollo (UK ), Gao (UK ), Ou Sen ( Singapore ), mirror oil, SSI, EPK, waterproof nylon ink and a variety of domestic high-quality ink.

2、 溶剂类:718洗网水、783慢干开油水、白电油、天那水、防白水、抹字水、PP处理水等各种油墨辅助溶剂。(批发)

2, solvent: 718 wash water network, 783 slow dry open water, white oil, days that water, water, water, wipe the word PP processing water and other auxiliary solvent ink. ( wholesale )

3、 烫金类:各种用于塑胶、金属、皮革、织物、木材的系列专用烫金机,及转印花纸。 布料专业烫金纸

3, bronzing : all for plastic, metal, leather, fabric, wood series of special bronzing machine, and printing paper. Fabrics professional gold foil paper

4、 机械类:手印台、平面-曲面丝印机,真空吸气机、(大、中、小号)烤箱、UV固化机(UV机)、晒版机、腹膜机、电动打码机、手动移印机、单色、双色、多色移印机及丝印机械周边设备和配件。

4, mechanical: handprint Taiwan, flat surface screen printing machine, vacuum suction machine, ( large, trumpet ), UV curing oven ( UV ), Shai Banji, peritoneal machines, electric coder, manual printing machine, monochrome, two-color, multi-color printing machine and printing machinery equipment and accessories.

5、 耗材类:丝印网纱(瑞士网纱)、刮胶(台湾优力)、木柄刮胶、铝柄、铝框、木框、钉网枪、SMT钢板、移印钢板、移印刀片、移印胶头、油扫、科图泰感光浆、科图泰脱模粉(英国)、科图泰水菲林、静电除尘滚(辘)、烫金纸、烫金版。

In 5, supplies category: screen printing mesh ( Swiss netting ), scraping gum ( Taiwan gifted ), wood handle scraping, aluminum handle, aluminum frame, wood frame, nail gun, SMT net plate, printing plates, printing blade, printing rubber head, oil sweep, Ketu Thai photosensitive slurry, Ketu Thai demoulding powder (UK ), section Taishui film, electrostatic dust roller ( reel ), gold foil paper, bronzing version.

6、 加工:精晒网版、钢版、代客调油、并协助客户解决各种技术难题。

6, processing: refined sun screen, steel version, Valet with oil, and to help customers solve various technical problems.

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Telephone: Fax: 0755-27928339 0755-27928329 27699630

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Mobile phone: 13902487419 contact: Cai Weixiong

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QQ: E-mail : 850112775139024874

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